January 21, 2020

ProDav Swivel Dinghy Davit System. Enjoy a day on your yacht with this simple to use lift with your dinghy, jetski, or SeaDoo Spark.

January will soon be leaving us, and the lakes are frozen and dotted with fish shacks. The snow has fallen (AGAIN); the temperatures will be dipping closer to zero (AGAIN); the wind is howling and snowdrifts are building (AGAIN). It seems like such a LONGGGGGG way to boating season and the dreaded cabin fever or “can’t wait for boating season blues” has set in. Nothing you do seems to help diminish this awful “disease”.

If cabin fever or the “can’t wait for boating season blues” has taken hold of you, try a few of these tips:

1. Check out a boat show. They are in full swing this time of year.
2. Thumb through your boating magazines or pick up a couple of new ones.
3. Dig out the photos you took last summer on the dinghy or boat and enjoy the memories.
4. Make a list of gear and equipment your vessel needs AND don’t forget a ProDav Swivel Davit System.
5. Jot down harbors you’d like to visit this summer.
6. Plan a boating excursion with fellow boaters and get it on the calendar now.

These are certainly not a cure all for the “can’t wait for boating season blues” but they just might help ease the symptoms a bit.

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